Judge at attorney sentencing: You have conducted yourself illegally, and it's an insult to your...

A Beaumont attorney charged with misusing his clients' funds has been sentenced to 15 years on one count of misuse of fiduciary funds.

Attorney Kip Lamb was indicted last year.  He was scheduled to go to trial in February, but a plea deal was reached and Lamb accepted the offer before Criminal District Court Judge John Stevens.

According to 12News file stories, Lamb was arrested May 8, 2012 after fleeing to Arkansas as officers were filing charges that he took more than $1,000,000 belonging to a Beaumont Church. A second charge against Lamb was filed that he took $250,000 from a trust account related to a woman's medical malpractice suit.

Lamb was sentenced Monday to 15 years for money stolen from the church.  He received a 10 year suspended sentence for theft of the medical malpractice funds.

A church member who attended the sentencing said the money lamb took was supposed to be used to build a new church building.  The congregation had to find funding elsewhere because of the theft.

Judge Stevens order Lamb to pay $230,000 in restitution for the stolen medical malpractice funds.

During Monday's proceedings, Judge Stevens said Lamb acted with arrogance and greed. 

"Your job is to offer safe keeping of funds, protect those funds which do not belong to you.  You act as a fiduciary, money must be kept in a separate trust account and not commingled or mixed," said Judge Stevens.

"It's frustrating to see this from an attorney.... You have conducted yourself illegally, and it's an insult to your profession," Judge Stevens added.

Lambs wife and daughter attended the sentencing.  Both broke out in tears as the sentence was read.

Prosecutors said they are pleased with the sentence.  Lamb's attorney had no comment.

Lamb faced two charges of misapplication of fiduciary funds. If he had gone to trial, he could have faced up to 99 years or life in prison if found guilty.



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