iPhone 5 hits the shelves

Today's the day that thousands have been waiting for. The iPhone 5 hit the shelves and customers were ecstatic to finally be able to take home the newest installment to the apple family.

iPhone fanatics started lining up in front of the AT&T store on Dowlen Road before the sun came out this morning.

"Got here before five to beat the people that would wait for Starbucks to open," said Jona Gilchrist as she waited in line.

As some were simply moving from one iPhone to the next others like Darryl Hill were all too ready for an upgrade and to get rid of their older technology.

"Find a bridge and shoot it off," said Hill when asked what he would do with his old phone. "I hate my old phone. It's horrible."

Last Friday apple took two million pre-orders of the iPhone 5 in the first 24 hours they were available which pushed back their shipping date causing some customers to cancel their order and wait in line to get to hold their iPhone in their hands today.

"My shipment day wasn't expected until October 15th and I wasn't about to wait that long," said iPhone fanatic Perry Celestine.

Having owned almost every iPhone Celestine is now most excited about the improved camera features and the new navigation system on the iPhone 5.

"That is outrageous, the street view, how you can zoom in and rotate, oh man, that blew my mind when I saw that."

New to team iPhone Jona Gilchrist is leaving behind her android for a phone she says she'll be able to trust.

"Ever since I've got a smart phone I've been having issues and they've all been android based so I don't see how this is going to let me down in any way," said Gilchrist.

And if there are any issues with the iPhone 5 we'll just have to wait and see.

Along with new and improved camera features and it's own navigation system the iPhone 5 features a bigger screen, lighter and slimmer frame, faster processor.

Apple expects to move more than 10 million iPhone fives by Monday.


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