How you can help prevent crime in 2013

Flashing lights are something we never want to see in our neighborhoods. But Deputy Rod Carroll says crime prevention isn't only up to the people driving the cars with those flashing lights.

"I'm not talking about just community leaders or business leaders, I'm talking about when the average person becomes aware of what's going on around them," Carroll said.

He says awareness is the key to staying safe.

"Be aware when you're out in a public place, be aware when you're near an ATM, if something looks out of place, it is out of place."

He says criminals will hit easy targets, so make it more difficult for them. Lock your car, leave your garage door shut and lock your house, and never be afraid to call 911.

"Call 911 and say 'I'm out at the shopping center or I'm at my apartment complex and there's a guy walking around. That's what we're here for we're here to respond," said Carroll.

He also said it's never a bad idea to get with your neighbors and start a neighborhood watch program.

"Push to have that, the point being is if you're aware of what's going on in your neighborhood, you're more likely to deter crime."

To get the ball rolling, call your city's police department and ask to speak to the local crime prevention officer.


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