How extracurriculars help a student's future

Most college applications ask about activities because what a student does in their free time reveals a lot about them in ways grades and test scores can't.

The student council supervisor at West Brook High School, Kristi Fuselier, says colleges of course want to see good grades but they also want a well-rounded student.

Fuselier says community service hours are especially important on a students resume.

A child's accomplishments outside the classroom show what they're passionate about and that they have qualities valued by colleges and employers.

Working at landmark staffing a temp agency in orange Michele Bean knows first hand how much emphasis employers really put on extracurriculars.

"The teamwork, the commitment, the dedication and hours it takes to participate whether it's academics, football or sports it's really important," said Bean, "and it shows a lot about an employee or a potential employee."

And both Bean and Fuselier say different activities show different things about a student.

For instance serving in student government shows leadership skills.

Also being on a sports team through high school shows the ability to make a long-term commitment.

And doing volunteer work shows dedication to helping others.

All qualities colleges and employers look for.


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