Habitat for Humanity home ravaged by vandals

Marilyn Dartest has been waiting to own her own home for the past 27 years, and she's worked tirelessly to make it happen. She's logged 300 volunteer hours for Habitat for Humanity in order to get a house on Madison Street.

"We worked for this, we did volunteer hours, we sweated to get to this point," Dartest said.

She and her daughter had hoped to move in this summer, but that will have to wait. Dartest says she saw neighborhood kids loitering behind the house on Tuesday afternoon. When she looked inside Wednesday morning, it was trashed. 

Every room in the house has damage

"Every room needs to be repaired because there's holes in the walls, there's ketchup on the walls, there's Clorox on the carpet," Dartest said, describing the $6,000 worth of damage done to her future home.

Countertops were broken, beans and canned goods were left scattered all over the floors. Evidently the cans were thrown repeatedly against the walls.
Dartest is in disbelief.

"What did they accomplish... other than a record?" she wondered.

Vandals face possible jail time

The vandals could face first degree felony burglary charges if caught. Dartest is not pushing for jail time, but she hopes the vandals take responsibility for their actions. She has a recommendation for their punishment.
"I would like to see them do A LOT of community service... I mean everyday after school, every Saturday," she said. "If you want to be an adult, treat them like an adult and show them there's consequences you have to pay for the wrong that you do."

For now, Dartest and her daughter are the ones paying for that wrongdoing.

Habitat for Humanity is waiting to see if insurance will cover the damage costs. Dartest says she's not sure when she'll be able to move in to the home, but says when she does she will have security cameras installed.


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