Get the best deal while Easter shopping

The average American will spend around $145 on Easter goodies this year. But, if you're like the shoppers who wait until the last minute, you may find some bargains.

Jennifer Villagrana spent her Good Friday shopping.

"We have three kids. So, we try to do the best we can," says Villagrana.

She turns to a popular aisle at Target where everything is a buck.

"Right here in the dollar section, they have some little Spring stickers and my daughter likes stuff like that," she says.

You can even find sales in the candy aisle.

"Most of our candy is on sale this week. So, this is helping boost the candy sales," says Alvin Campbell, manager at Target.

The Chief Manager for CVS says you can also find sales there.

"We go anywhere from 25% off to buy one get one half off.  There are deals like if you buy two or three, you get extra bucks," says Ruth Woods.

If you're building a basket this year, 12News found baskets selling for as low as $1.98, the grass was $.99, peeps were selling for $.89, plastic eggs for stuffing were going eight for $3.00, a dozen mini Cadbury eggs were selling for $4.00, a plush animal was selling for nearly $15.

A new trend this year are toys which could bump up the cost.

"This year, we've seen a lot of moms and their building their basket. So, we're seeing a lot of spike in toy sales, electronic sales and they're mixing it with candy," says Campbell.

But, Villagrana says her best method is shopping small.

"You can get a few things as opposed to one big thing," she says.

She's dressing up her kids in one dollar Easter outfits and she says they're learning another important lesson beyond what the Easter Bunny brings.

"The true meaning of Easter, obviously, is Jesus and right now is Good Friday. We teach them what happened when Jesus died on the cross," she says.


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