Former Super Bowl players object to NFL concussion settlement

A number of former NFL players, many of whom played in Super Bowls, filed objections Wednesday to the NFL's proposed concussion settlement, according to information from Attorney Mitchell A. Toups.

The player's objections include insufficient monetary awards, too many reductions related to age and length of playing time, lack of any awards related to death with CTE, too many restrictions with the Baseline Assessment Program with the NFL having unlimited appeals, the refusal of the NFL and Class Counsel to share the information and analyses underpinning the settlement, excessive attorneys' fees, the breadth of the Release.

Toups, and Attorneys Richard L. Coffman and Jason Webster filed the objections on behalf of Nathaniel Newton, Jr., who won 3 Super Bowls; Larry Brown, who won 3 Super Bowls and was MVP of Super Bowl XXX, along with five other retired players (Kenneth Davis, who played in four Super Bowls for the Buffalo Bills, Michael McGruder, who played in one Super Bowl with the San Francisco 49ers; Clifton Odom, a 13-year Veteran who played for Miami and others, former Dallas Cowboys star, George Teague, as well as Ramon Armstrong, who played in the old AFL in the 1960's).

Toups says the attorney team is receiving calls daily from other retired NFL players who are concerned about the proposed settlement.

The players' primary complaint, according to Toups, is the failure of the settlement to properly compensate for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) and the symptoms many retired players experience on a daily basis.

Toups says his clients filed the objections to protect themselves, their families and all other retired NFL players and their families who have, or will have, these problems in the future.

Toups says it is a travesty for 32 NFL teams to share $6 billion in profit in 2013, while the present value of the settlement is probably no more than $300 million, a mere 5% of one year's profit.


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