Father claims innocence in Winnie child abuse case

A young Winnie father facing serious jail time after reportedly admitting to hurting his 2-month-old daughter is speaking out through his lawyer.

18-year-old Brandon White was arrested last week and charged with first degree felony injury to a child. White could get up to life in prison if found guilty of injuring his 2-month-old daughter Carlee, but his attorney Alex Bill believes his client is innocent.

"He said 'I would not ever hurt my baby, I love my baby, I'd never do anything to her'...I believe he was being very truthful," Bill told 12News Tuesday after speaking with White on Monday.

According to a report filed by the Department of Family and Protective Services, White told a Chambers County sheriff's deputy, "I hurt the baby" when questioned last week after his wife, Carlee's mother, took her to the hospital for a swollen shoulder. It says White admitted to grabbing the baby by the arm and pulling her across a bed.

 Bill says White told him he was trying to move Carlee away from the edge of the bed, and that he wrapped his arm around her as we was pulling her.

"As he explained it to me, he told the officer that that was the only way he thought he could have hurt the baby, because that's the only incident that ever occurred that would maybe cause some type of shoulder injury," said Bill

The report does say White's statement does not account for all of Carlee's injuries, which include 10 broken ribs. Bill says White is very upset and at a total loss as to how Carlee's ribs and other bones were broken, and that White said Carlee never showed any signs she was in pain. Bill says there are no bruises on Carlee's torso, leading him to believe it's possible her bones may have broken during birth. Even though a bone density test found Carlee's bones to be normal, Bill believes more testing should be done.

"Maybe the baby has some type of bone disease that we don't know about yet."

Bill urges the public to wait for a jury to decide the young father's fate before passing judgment.

A source close to the family told us last week that Carlee was force fed and gagged with a spoon. Bill says White told him they have never fed her with a spoon.
Carlee's mother, 19-year-old Briana White, is also being investigated, but has not been charged with anything.

Carlee is currently in the care of a relative and is reported to be doing well.


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