Families deal with destruction after truck smashes into 2 Beaumont homes

Sabrina Batten held her 7-year-old daughter Kaylee tight Saturday morning, as she looked at her north Beaumont home that was crippled by a suspected drunk driver.

"He took out our electric and a lot of the bricks and some roofing," Batten said.

Batten says the sound of screeching tires woke her up around 2:30 Saturday morning, and when she and her husband went outside they saw a Dodge Ram pickup lodged into the side wall of their neighbor's house located in the 5300 block of Idylwood Street.

The truck had taken out the corner of Kaylee's bedroom right where she normally sleeps, but something told her not to sleep there that night.

"She told me last night that she didn't feel safe sleeping in her room, so she wanted to sleep in her sister's room," said Batten, who can't explain what made her daughter feel unsafe in her bedroom hours before it was destroyed.

At Batten's neighbor's house, Maria Anderson was asleep upstairs when the truck hit the wall of her daughter's bathroom. She says the impact knocked her off her bed. Anderson has a bad hip and bad knees and says she felt very sore after falling to the floor.

"I don't understand it," Anderson said, holding back tears as she had a hard time dealing with what happened. "I've dealt with hurricanes and stuff but nothing like this, this is brand new to us."

Batten's husband Stephen said he could smell alcohol on the driver's breath when he checked on him. Batten says the driver unsuccessfully tried to steal her truck before he fled the scene on foot.

Both families say their insurance should cover the cost of the damage.

Beaumont Police are investigating the incident, but as of Saturday afternoon no arrests had ben made.


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