Facebook page helps cops bust Jefferson County burglary ring

Three adults and one juvenile have been arrested after information from a facebook page helped officers solve a string of burglaries in Jefferson County.

Cameron David Pennell, 20, of Nederland, is charged with burglary of a habitation. His bond is set at $15,000.

Jonathan Miller, 20, of Nederland, is charged with two counts of burglary of a habitation. His bonds total $30,000.

Don Franklin McCray, 22, of Nederland, has been charged with burglary of a habitation and marijuana possession. His bonds total $20,000.

Police have not released the name of a fourth suspect, 16, because of his age.

In total, a Sheriff's Office spokesperson says the group is responsible for at least two burglaries in Groves, two in Nederland and two in the county.

Deputy Rod Carroll says the arrests came after deputies got a tip from the Nederland Watchdog Facebook page. This information led deputies to a large amount of stolen property and the identity of the suspects.

Some of the recovered items include guns, 10 flat screen TVs, and numerous computers. The total value of the stolen property is $20,000.

"They broke this with my tool I have in the back to cut with and reached in and unlocked the door," Bill Landry of Nederland said.

Landry says he and his wife were at church on January 19 when his house became a target for burglars. 

"They broke the glass and bent this to where they pulled it out. Yeah it was all locked up but this was all wood," he said.

16 guns and a 43 inch flat screen TV were stolen from Landry. His home was one of six targeted in Mid-County. 

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says these burglaries happened the same way. The men walked to the door and knocked to see if anybody's home. If no one is, they make entry.
"If someone's coming around knocking on your door in the middle of the day they are most likely scoping the area for a burglary," Jefferson County Sheriff Deputy Rod Carroll said. 

Down Landry's street there are dogs watching but it's the watchdogs on the Nederland Texas Watchdog facebook page that a sheriff's office spokesperson says led them to catch three men and a juvenile at the center of a burglary ring. 

On it members post any suspicious activity and it was one of those post that tipped off the sheriff's office. 

A member said "My neighbors home was broken into yesterday. If no one is home apparently it's your day to get (burglarized)"

"There are things that don't pan out. But for one instance we can say this worked. People posted stuff, the tip was taken and ran with and they caught the guys," Page Administrator Ashley Hester said.



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