Explosion rocks Bridge City community

Bridge City residents living in a mobile home park are assessing their damages after neighbors say burglars vandalized six vehicles and set two more on fire.

"The car just blew up and caught the truck on fire," said Danny Richard, who lives right next door to where a massive blaze scorched two vehicles and a mobile home. "You never hear anything around here;it's usually quiet."

On Sunday, just before 5 a.m., residents living in Greg's Mobile Home Park, which is located in the 500 block of Jones Street, said they heard a loud explosion.

"It sounded like a couple of blown-out tires," added Richard."

"I heard a thumb, thumb," said neighbor David Young. "It sounded like a gunshot going off."

"I woke up to my next-door neighbor banging on my door," he added. "I got dressed really fast and she told me to call 911 because her house and car were burning."

Young says he evacuated his family, and then he ran out of his mobile home, only to be greeted by a massive fire that destroyed his neighbor's pick up truck and car. It also damaged a portion of their home.

Young's neighbor's were home, but they made it out alive.

"Flames were shooting off the trailer and it was coming off the other side," said Young. "The flames were higher than the roof. I was really scared."

Once the flames died down, eight people, including Danny Richard, found out that their vehicle had been burglarized.

"They stole my stereo and I had prescription medicine in my electrical bag," said Richard. "They stole more than $300 worth of goods."

While arson investigators have yet to determine the cause of the fire, Richard believes that the burglars are responsible for the blaze.

"We was told that whoever stole the stereo out of the car, they cut the wire and that's what ignited the car," he said.

If you have any information on the fire or burglaries, please contact the Bridge City Police Department (409) 735-5028 .






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