Exclusive: Nederland couple marries, honeymoons on Triumph

"The wedding went really well, Cozumel went well, it was just the honeymoon that turned out to be a nightmare," Nederland resident Rob Mowlam told 12News in an exclusive interview Saturday.

Rob and his wife Stephanie have quite a story to tell. After dating for two years, they decided to get married on a cruise ship, the ill-fated Carnival Triumph.     
"We wanted something small and simple and intimate and that's exactly what it was," said Stephanie.

"The one time we saw dolphins was while we were getting married, they were jumping right next to the ship right near where we were getting married, and everybody thought that was a good sign," said Rob.

But it turned out to be anything but a good sign. Not even 3 days into the voyage, a fire caused the ship to lose power.

"Everybody's toilets started backing up. All the floors were soaked in God only knows what. People were falling everywhere, hurting themselves," Rob said.
Passengers were forced to relieve themselves in red bags, which later lined the hallways. But the couple tried to make the best of what had turned into a honeymoon from hell.

"There were literally times I could stand and just slide down the floor," Rob said.

"I was actually laughing at him one day because he was trying to walk and it looked like he was ice skating," Stephanie told us.

After 5 long days the ordeal was over, and they were anything but happy with the compensation offer from Carnival.

"The $500 was like a slap in the face... like they were trying to put a price on our dignity," Rob said.

Despite everything they went through, the newlyweds were able to find a silver lining.

"It was a miserable experience but if anything it brought us closer together," said Rob.

"Everybody's told us 'If you can make it through that you can make it through anything'," said Stephanie.

The couple plans to go on another honeymoon sometime in the next year, this time on dry land.


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