EXCLUSIVE: Alfred Wright's brother Savion excited to be on American Idol

Just a few months before his older brother Alfred's body was found in Sabine County after being missing for nearly three weeks, Savion Wright had auditioned in Austin for the upcoming season of 'American Idol'. 

It was something he had long dreamed of doing, and something he says Alfred had encouraged.

"Alfred used to say 'Go for it... what do you have to lose?'" Savion told 12News in an exclusive interview Tuesday.
A senior studying medical humanities at Baylor University, Savion spoke to us via FaceTime from his apartment in Waco, TX.

The youngest of 5 children, Savion says all of his brothers and sisters growing up in Jasper were surrounded by music.

"We all played instruments and sang in church," he said.

Savion plays the piano, the guitar, and a slew of other instruments. He sings, and writes his own music and song lyrics, and used to ask for Alfred's opinion of his work.

"It was always nice having him check it out and he'd be like 'Uh... I don't really like it, you need to do something like this or something like that'... So it was cool, it's good to have siblings that really care for what you do," said Savion.
Savion says he and Alfred would work out and go fishing together.

"(Alfred) was always there for me, he always said if I needed anything to call him... the biggest thing he always told me was finish school."
With his sights set on stardom, Savion is excited for his future on American Idol, but with all the excitement that comes with it, his mind always goes back to his brother. 

"It was hard because, I'm like 'Should I be happy that I made it... or not be happy... because my brother's gone?'"

Savion says after he graduates from Baylor, he plans to move to Los Angeles, CA to pursue a career in music.

Savion's audition will air on the season premiere of 'Idol' Wednesday night.



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