Entergy charging station at Lamar

Entergy Texas and Lamar university are teaming up once again to encourage students and staff to use electric vehicles by setting up their second charging station on the campus.

With the swipe of a card and the click of the handle Lamar University is empowering it's students and faculty to help the planet and their pockets by using electric vehicles.

And Vernon Pierce with Entergy says the company is excited to partner with Lamar on this endeavor.

Entergy has provided the charging station and Lamar will supply the power together they hope to keep track of how often the station is used and stay one step ahead with this emerging technology.

"For $2.40 you can drive approximately 100 miles," said professor of electric engineering at Lamar, doctor G.N. Reddy, who owns a Nissan Leaf, and after doing the math he says he saves hundreds of dollars a month in gas.

"On average a regular car gets 10 cents per mile with electric it's 2.5 cents per mile," said Reddy, "so it's 40 miles for $4 vs. $2.40 for 100 miles."

The Montagne Center location is the fifth charging station Entergy has put up in Southeast Texas all but one are located at university or college campuses.

Research shows a total of 3.2 million plug-in electric vehicles are expected to be sold worldwide by 2015, now Entergy and Lamar will be able to help keep those cars powered up and on the road.

The charging stations can provide a full charge to any electric vehicle on the market.

They were donated by Entergy and paid for by Entergy shareholders.

Eventually, members of the public will be able to make use of the charging station also.


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