Emotional testimony and an eye witness in capital murder trial

The only eye witness and victim involved in the shooting was called to testify in the capital murder trial of Gregory Adam George.

According to police, George shot and killed Jose Luis Morales, 41, at the victim's home in the 1300 block of Ave. E in Beaumont in April 2011.

Morales' friend Jose Sanchez told the jury in day one of testimony that a man matching George's description approached Morales and him while they were in Morales' backyard.

He said the man asked them for money and when they refused he left and came back later. Sanchez said that's when the man shot him first and then Morales. Sanchez said he then saw the man take Morales' wallet. Before he died, Sanchez said Morales made him promise to take care of his wife and five children.

During his testimony, Sanchez also opened his shirt and showed the jury his gun shot wounds. Sanchez pointed George out in the courtroom as the man who did it and said he knows it was him because at one point George held a gun to Sanchez's head and he was able to see his face.

The defense argued that Morales and Sanchez had been drinking beer that night and that may have impaired Sanchez's judgement regarding what the man who shot them looked like.

It was also an emotional day of testimony for Morales' family as his widowed wife Rosa Morales and their teen daughter took the stand.

Rosa said her youngest three children who were 13, 9 and 2 at the time, became frightened when they heard gun shots outside their home. Rosa said when she opened the door, she saw a tall, thin black man with dreadlocks holding a gun and called 911.

Morales' daughter testified that a wounded Sanchez came into the house and told her her father had been shot and killed. She said she then hid with her family in their truck as she spoke to the 911 operator and waited for police to arrive. That 911 recording was played for the jury.

During cross examination of Morales' daughter the defense pointed out that the neighborhood was bad and it could have been any number of people responsible for the shooting.

The forensic pathologist who conducted Morales' autopsy, a neighbor, the investigating officer on the case and a close friend of George also testified.

The trial will resume tomorrow at 9:45 in Judge John Steven's court.


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