Dozens in Nederland say tap water has "tasted like dirt" for weeks

Washing her dirty dishes is about the only thing Janet Thibault is willing to do with the water coming out of her kitchen sink.

"It smells horrible, and it tastes like dirt," said Thibault Tuesday afternoon.

Thibault, who lives just outside of city limits, is one of dozens in the Nederland area who have noticed something strange about their tap water.
"You can't see it," Thibault said. "There's nothing in there that you can see with the invisible eye, but if you taste it, you will realize how nasty and dirty it is."

Nederland city officials say about two weeks ago a valve at the Water Treatment Facility failed, causing the water to not be treated as optimally as normal. Since the valve failed, the city has gotten somewhere in the range of 50-60 calls about from people complaining about bad water, but City Manager Chris Duque says consumption of the water poses no public health concerns.
Thibault isn't so sure. "As long as you drink the bottle water you're fine, but as soon as you take a sip of this water your stomach starts cramping," she said.

Disgusted by the smell and taste of her tap water, Thibault has had to stock up on bottled water, going through several packs a week to wash her vegetables, make her coffee, and brush her teeth. Thibault walks with a cane, and says it's getting hard to carry the packs of water, and the costs are adding up.     

The city says its working to fix the problem as soon as possible, and anticipates everything will be back to normal within a few weeks.


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