Day two of testimony, BISD officer said he was asked to change his report

The second day of testimony in the trial of Beaumont Independent School District spokesperson Jessie Haynes included some revealing testimony including that of a BISD officer who said he was asked by the BISD police chief to change his report.

Haynes is accused of obstructing a public passageway. The charge is a Class B misdemeanor. The case against Haynes stems from an August 1, 2013 incident that was caught on district surveillance video. The incident sparked a complaint filed by Haynes against a school board member and a reporter, and charges filed against Haynes.

Officer said he was asked to change police report

Tuesday afternoon Beaumont ISD Police Officer Corporal Juan San Miguel testified. He is the officer Haynes consulted about filing assault charges against Neil.

San Miguel said Haynes filed a complaint on him after she became unhappy with the report he filed.

San Miguel said as a result of Haynes' complaint, he was asked by BISD Police Chief Clydell Duncan to change his report and leave out details regarding what he saw happen on August 1. Miguel testified that he made three different adjustments to the report and the Chief still was not happy with it. San Miguel also testified that if Haynes would have gone through with filing assault charges against Neil, she would have been filing a false report, which is a crime.

Tuesday morning the jury was shown the video that prosecutors say shows Haynes blocking a door so that BISD District 5 Trustee Mike Neil and Reporter Jerry Jordan could not enter a room where a news conference was being held. They were also shown photos taken by Jordan during the incident.

Neil back on the stand

Neil, who testified Monday, took the stand again Tuesday morning. He testified that Haynes said he had, "choked her to the floor.

"I never touched her neck or shoulder," he testified.

Haynes' attorney Tom Swanson questioned Neil about his authority as a trustee. He asked Neil why he didn't get an officer rather than trying to enter the room.

"I didn't have to," he responded.

Neil testified about Haynes' contract with BISD. He said it was only renewed by the board because the vote included a batch of 700 contracts for BISD.

Jerry Jordan testimony

Reporter Jerry Jordan is the second witness who was called to the stand Tuesday. While he was on the stand audio was played from a recording he made the night of the incident. Haynes is heard on the recording saying "I think I'm going to file on both of them," speaking of Neil & Jordan.

Jordan said that no charges were ever filed. He said the reason he believes they were not filed is that the video reveals there was no assault.

Mike Getz testimony

Attorney Mike Getz witnessed the doorway incident. He was called to the stand Tuesday. He said he encountered Haynes earlier that same evening. He said in that encounter Haynes loudly sang, "We Shall Overcome" to drown out what he was saying.

Monday's proceedings began with prosecutors offering Haynes a plea deal that would have set punishment at a one-year deferred sentence and a $1,000 fine. Haynes rejected the offer. She now faces a possible sentence of 180 days in jail and a fine not to exceed $2,000. Opening statements started Monday around 3 p.m.

Neil was the only person to take the witness stand on Monday. He noted Haynes was blocking Jordan access to the news conference. He confirmed to prosecutors that Haynes does not have the same authority as security or police officers. Neil was not cross examined before the judge recessed for the day.

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