Cold weather supplies in high demand

Waiting until the last minute to deal with unpredictable winter weather is easy to do. On Monday night hardware stores in Southeast Texas were running low on some essential items to protect a home from frigid weather.

Freezing temperatures swept through the area last Friday, and after a warm weekend, Southeast Texans had to gear up for more icy conditions.

Elton Nugent at M&D Supply said the most popular items included faucet covers, pipe insulation, heaters, fire wood and propane. He said they couldn't keep other popular products on the shelves.

"We did have ice scrapers... now we're totally out of scrapers and de-icer for your car," he said. "These are some of the hot items right now."

Propane is also in high demand, a national shortage is causing problems in some southern states but Texas has a large supply.

Not protecting the pipes in your home can lead to flooding, structural damage and mold. If you can't get out to get supplies, you can improvise with household items.

"One of the things you can do at home is make sure pipes are wrapped," Nugent said. "You can wrap them in newspaper and tape to protect them."

Even though the store supplies are limited, they said they're  better prepared for the next winter blast than they were for the last one.


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