Coaches take quick action after 7th grader injured on field

The parent of a Mauriceville Middle School football player is incredibly thankful to her son's coaches for keeping her 12-year-old son calm after he suffered a scary, on-field injury Wednesday -- a practice injury that put the coaching staff to the test.

The mom of that 7th grader tells me she thanks quick-thinking coaches for rushing to her son's aid during practice. Jude Trussell hadn't played football since his little league days a year ago.

It was a normal practice in the middle of this field yesterday. He went in to tackle a teammate, but he was blocked and fell on his back, screaming and squirming in pain.

If in the middle of football practice or a game a child gets hurt, school administrators have some tips to stop that child from causing further injury. His mother said coaches immediately told him to stop moving.

"We want them to be still to make sure they don't cause further injury to themselves," said Mauriceville Middle School Principal Todd Loupe. "We want to make sure they're immobilized and we get people here to take care of them."

That's exactly what Jude's coaches did.

"Our coaches are also trained in concussion protocols and anytime there's a head or a back injury, we make sure to call 911 and get a professional out here to check then out," said Loupe.

Coaches called 911 and Jude was transferred by helicopter to UTMB in Galveston. His mom snapped a picture on the life flight ride, saying the ride was "emotional."

Trussel sustained bruising and swelling to his spine, but no concussion. His mom told us he was going to be released later today. As to the safety process coaches followed, the district says:

"Coach Sherry Hoffpauir, the district's trainer, frequently reviews safety protocol with coaches to assure that in the event of an injury, they know appropriate procedures to care for the student's well-being."

Jude's mom tells 12News the doctor's say he can't play football for the next 8 weeks, even though he says he wants to keep playing and be part of the team.


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