'Cloudless' apps make moving large files easier

Moving large digital files like photos, videos, and spreadsheets to the cloud can be complicated and time consuming. But there are some so-called "cloudless" apps you can use that make it much easier.

Infinit allows sending any file, including photo, video, or anything else. It also allows you to move files between your own devices, including smartphone, tablet or computer.

There are no limitations on file size, and the developers claim it's a whopping 30 times faster than cloud-based solutions.

Encryption makes sure files are safely delivered. The app is free for iOS, Android and it works with Windows and Linux, too.

Lenovo's shareit app allows for near-instant transfer of large files from one device to another, including phone to phone, computer to phone, or tablet to computer.

That includes photos, videos, text and pdf, files, or documents and spreadsheets created by any of the Microsoft Office products. It's easy, too  select the file you want to send, select the receiver, and hit send. Shareit is free for iOS and Android. 

Bittorrent sync is a great app for fast, intelligent file syncing and transfers. The app finds the quickest way to transfer files and does it. There's no limit to the size or quantity of files you can share.

And it works between multiple platforms, meaning Mac and Apple users can share with Windows fans, and so on.

Bittorrent sync is free for iOS, android, Windows, and Kindle.


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