Butch Hoffer's clothing store makes final sale

It was a bittersweet moment for longtime friends Jerry Nathan and Lewis Hoffer. Nathan bought the last items that sold at Butch Hoffer's clothing store in Parkdale Mall Saturday afternoon.

"I bought the last item at all the stores that they closed before moving here," Nathan said.

Butch Hoffer's started as an army surplus store in downtown Beaumont in 1937. It moved to the mall in 1973. After 75 years of business, Hoffer's celebrated its final day.

"We've been so blessed by so many good friends and good customers that have come by today to wish us well," remarked store owner Lewis Hoffer, son of Butch.

Nathan said the service at Hoffer's was like no other.

"You can walk into the store and not have to look for a sales person, they will meet you at the front; they'll call you on the phone and tell you they've been on a buying trip and have something especially for you," he said.

Special cakes were made featuring photos from throughout the store's history. Customers were able to enjoy glasses of champagne as they made their last purchases, which included some amazing deals like 80-90% off tuxedos. 

"My husband's been doing this for a long time, and he's not getting any younger so we're off to begin the rest of our lives," said Marsha Hoffer, Lewis' wife.

As the shelves and racks grew thinner, Hoffer grew more and more excited.

"I've been ready for the next chapter for a while!" he said.

And as for that last dollar from Nathan, it will join the others Hoffer has been saving since his amazing journey started.



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