Bridge City over troubled water

It's been exactly ten days since 12News first reported on smelly, murky brown water flowing out of faucets in Bridge City.  CLICK HERE to read previous coverage

At the time, city officials promised a fairly quick fix, but almost two week later, 12News has received dozens of pictures from people living in Bridge City showing just how ugly the water continues to be.

The situation is creating so much concern, that citizens have started a Facebook page called "Bridge City Water Problems".

Mayor Kirk Roccaforte told 12News that city crews have been working around the clock to find a solution to the discolored water, but it continues to plague the city. He said tests show the water is not a health hazard, however Mayor Roccaforte said he would not drink the discolored water, and would discourage others from doing so as well.

Peggy Prosperie said she and her husband have been complaining to city hall for the past several years about the water woes. She said they always acted as if they were the only ones complaining. But the new Facebook page shows differently.

Sunday, the facebook page had more than 1,100 members, and a constant flow of pictures showing the dark water coming out of Bridge City faucets.

Jake Duplecion is a young father, he told us, "I have a two month old baby, you can't bathe your kids in that stuff, it's just ridiculous."

The city issued more than 3,600 water bills last month, but Duplecion said citizens are not getting their money's worth. He said they are having to spend more to ensure clean water.

Duplecion said, "People are spending a lot of money, they pay their water bill, but they have to buy bottled water, they have to buy water bills."

One expectant mom posted on Facebook that 40 clothing items for her baby were all stained by the bad water.

Prosperie said she spent $50 a month on bottled water, but more than financial hardship, she's worried about people's health.

She started researching Bridge City's water quality several years ago and carefully studies its annual Drinking Water Quality Reports, based on Environmental Protection Agency standards.

Prosperie said, "In 2011, they started getting violations for e-coli, for chloroform, and also in 2011, they said they had lower chlorine residuals, and the city was going to flush the lines more frequently."

Something Prosperie's husband does not believe is happening based on a photo he took Friday. It was of fire hydrant covered in brush.

He thinks the city could not have get to it to flush its water. After posting it on Facebook, the city had the brush removed.

Mayor Roccaforte said the city has gotten with an engineering firm to discuss the feasibility of a new filtration system, that and other water concerns will be on the city council agenda for 6 p.m. Tuesday.


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