Bond set at $4 million for brother of accused courthouse shooter

As jury selection continued Monday in Galveston in the trial of accused Jefferson County courthouse shooter Bartholomew Granger, an arrest warrant was issued for Granger's brother, Lyndon. The warrant was issued because Granger, who was scheduled to appear in court for the same sexual assault case as his brother, failed to appear.

Lyndon's attorney said his client checked into a Houston hospital just after midnight, so the hearing began without him and the judge issued the warrant.

Lyndon was arrested and brought back to the courthouse shortly before noon Monday.

The judge heard nine jail telephone recordings between Lyndon and Bartholomew.

In what seems to be a security concern for witnesses in the Capital Murder Trial, Bartholomew told Lyndon "I got addresses of witnesses I'm gonna send to y'all and a statement from a juror who said they wish I would 'burn in hell.' I'm sending you that juror statement, too."

This was a red flag to the prosecution.

"It's very frightening to hear the defendant say he's got the addresses and is going to try to get the information to his brother," says Perry Thomas, Asst. Criminal District Attorney.

Lyndon's attorney says it's all interpretation.

"I don't think there's any reason to believe that any witnesses are in jeopardy," says Bruce Smith, Lyndon's attorney.

Due to explicit words, we paraphrased this quote where Bartholomew talked about the courthouse shooting saying "An explosion happened on them. We told them. They don't know who they are dealing with."

The brothers then began laughing.

In several recordings, Lyndon talked about getting Bartholomew out of jail. In one call, Bartholomew asked "Y'all really think y'all can get me out?" Lyndon replied, "Yeah, we can get you out. I'm gonna get you out from there."

These were more red flags. There was then a search of Bartholomew's jail cell uncovering a letter from Lyndon. Lyndon called himself "Mr. Jekyll." He told the judge he's a rapper and that's his rap name.

Lyndon told Bartholomew he was attending his trial. He then said, "When it comes time to act, I will." He said "When we go to court, the whole building is cleared out. I will make sure I am an extension of you for whatever you need me for."

The number 187 was on the letter. But, Lyndon denied writing that. 187 is the code for homicide.

Judge Walker said Lyndon is a danger and put Lyndon back in jail on a $4 million bond.

"I think he's(Walker) reading a lot into it that shouldn't be read," says Smith.

"I'm glad to know he's in a place where we are keeping an eye on him and all witnesses will be safe throughout the course of the trial," says Thomas.

Judge Walker is going to reset Lyndon's trial after Bartholomew's trial ends.


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