BISD's Patricia Lambert denies having anything to do with booster clubs

Who's in control of Central High School's booster club?

A recent 12New investigation revealed it's not the parents, like the booster clubs at West Brook and Ozen are.

Sources have told us Patricia Lambert disbanded the club when she became principal, and after booster parents denied her request for money.

One parent told us, "When she called me the third time, I told her with all due respect, I cannot give you another two thousand dollars.  Now you're starting to dip into the money we use to start our year off."

Former boosters say two booster checks were written to Lambert in her name, but they are not really sure what that money was spent on, or where any booster club dollars have gone since then.

We've been requesting documentation and answers, but have gotten no response.

So at Thursday's board meeting, we approached Lambert.

She told us, "I don't supervise the booster clubs, you have to talk to Mr. Saveat."

BISD police prevented us from asking her further questions, so we approached athletic director Rodney Saveat.

But Saveat told us he still had to ask Lambert if he could talk to us.

Then he wanted to know what questions we had for him.

When it came to answering how Central booster club money was being spent, we did not get much from him.

He told us, "I don't deal with what they do with the money or nothing like that."

The high school boosters are required to pay the Thomas Center ten percent of their earnings each season, but multiple sources have told us Central has not been doing that.

Saveat says they have last year and the year before. So we asked him if that meant Central had not been paying before then.

Saveat said, "Nah, I'm not going to say that... I just said the past two years that I'm reporting to you on."

West Brook booster club member Joey Hilliard still doubts Central has been paying.

He said, "I'm still not convinced, in fact I've filed a Freedom of Information Act to find out if they paid it.  From what I've gathered, those records don't exist."

Hilliard also expressed surprised that Lambert says she has nothing to do with booster clubs, yet he says she knew all the names of people working the concessions for Central boosters.

Saveat confirmed that Central's agriculture teacher Ronald Kelley is running Central's booster club, but he said he did not know if Kelley was getting paid.

However, sources have told us that Central employees, including some retired employees, are getting paid to work concessions for Central.  That's unlike West Brook and Ozen who's booster parents volunteer to work the concessions.



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