BISD school board members are facing attacks on their private lives for their public decisions

Recent legal battles have created conflicts among the school board of the Beaumont Independent School District.

Those battles have also divided the community.

That's why two board members are speaking out about the personal attacks they've been dealing with from constituents upset about their public stances.

As a teacher for almost 40 years, Janice Brassard has faced her share of unruly students, but now she says she's dealing with adults behaving badly, many times as bullies.

And she says she's their target.

Brassard says she's had a black pickup follow her home, and a package of dog food left on her office doorstep.

Brassard says she knows this is all coming from people upset about the stances she takes as a school board member.

Mike Neil, a school board member who normally finds himself on the opposite side of an issue from Brassard, this time agrees with her.

He too says he has faced the wrath of constituents.

Not only does Neil say he's been threatened physically, he also has had to deal with threats to his livelihood.

A few weeks ago, those who disagree with him called for a boycott of the convenience stores he manages.

Both Neil and Brassard have spoken over the phone about the attacks both are facing, and they've agreed to present a united front against these actions.


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