BISD Police Chief previously accused of changing police report

Beaumont Independent School District Police Department's chief Clydell Duncan made headlines last week when he went to the Jefferson County Courthouse to dispute testimony that he told a BISD officer to change a police report.  According to Michigan court documents, it was not the first time an officer has accused Chief Duncan of changing documents. 

During the misdemeanor trial of BISD Spokesperson Jessie Haynes, Corporal Juan San Miguel testified that he was asked by Duncan to change his police report up to three times. He also said that Duncan asked him to apologize to Haynes.

Chief Duncan told reporters he only asked the BISD officer to make a minor change to the report on Haynes to more accurately reflect that the department was not showing bias.

In 1991, Chief Duncan was accused by an officer of changing an accident report as the police chief in Flint, Michigan. A jury trial found him not guilty of conspiring to illegally change the accident report. But he was fined $5,000 for violation of the Whistleblowers Protection Act. The officer alleged that Duncan violated the WPA by transferring the officer to a new sector in the police department as retaliation. 

12News was unable to reach Duncan for comment Monday. The BISD Police Chief has not been accused of any illegality in any way in relation to Corporal San Miguel's testimony. 


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