BISD Board of Managers to take oath Monday night

This is a day for which many in Beaumont have been waiting a long time, the day of the state takeover of the embattled Beaumont Independent School District.

Commissioner Michael Williams is in town to swear in the seven local people who will make up his appointed board of managers.  

Commissioner Williams met with local reporters early Monday afternoon to give a preview of the new era for the district.  He made it a point to say he does not see this as a state takeover, but more of a handoff to local folks to fix the financial problems and mismanagement that have plagued the district.

Commissioner Williams said he is leaving Beaumont to Beaumont and believes Beaumont can heal itself.  He said neither Superintendent Dr. Timothy Chargois, nor the elected board of trustees will have a role in Monday night's meeting.

The trustees authority has been suspended and Chargois will most likely be fired Monday night.

The comes six weeks later than the commissioner had wanted because of the legal fight the elected board put up. He said it is not necessarily a bad thing.

"These additional six weeks I think because of your work and the work of others, I think the public has a better idea and better understanding as to why this was necessary," said Williams.

The commissioner said Conservator Fred Shafer will remain at BISD as his eyes and ears, but made it clear that he will not be running the district from 854 miles away.

Commissioner Williams has become a bit of a rock star for some in Beaumont, and Monday night many of those in favor of the takeover, or handoff in power, will be wearing bow ties just like the commissioner wears.

Reporter Angel San Juan asked the commissioner his thoughts on the bow ties.  He laughed and said he loved the idea, he joked that he is taking the world over one neck at a time.


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