BISD board meeting overlaps two days and ends with citizens demanding superintendent's resignation

Thursday night's Beaumont Independent School District board meeting lasted into Friday morning, not adjourning until 12:30 a.m.

The public was not allowed to address the board until midnight, after an almost five hour meeting.

At least three of the speakers demanded superintendent, Dr. Timothy Chargois' resignation.

Pam Shelander told Chargois, "You have failed to lead the school district, you have failed the students and its staff and this community, and because of that, I am asking that you immediately tender your resignation."

Ricky Jason, who has been a vocal supporter of Chargois', also asked for his resignation, saying Chargois was aware of corruption in the district and had done nothing about it.

Jason even spoke of doing business with the district, and about a district employee meeting him at a Dunkin Donuts to pay him.

Although citizens made several references to investigations into BISD by the FBI, Chargois and board members did not bring up the federal investigation, that's looking into the possible misuse of public funds at BISD.

But the board did vote on the fate of Director of Finance Devin McCraney and Comptroller Sharika Allison.

Sources tell us they are the suspects in the FBI's investigation.

The board unanimously voted for a proposed termination of the two.  That means McCraney and Allison have fifteen days to request a hearing, during that period they will continued to get paid.

But if they don't request a hearing, the board will fire them at next month's board meeting.

If they choose to have a hearing, the board can suspend them without pay pending the hearing's outcome.

After the meeting, 12News tried to talk to Chargois, but the superintendent just walked away escorted by a BISD police officer, leaving board president Gwen Ambres to talk to us.

Ambres told us, "You have to realize he probably didn't have a comment... no more than that he didn't want to speak to the media."

When asked about making the public wait until the end of the meeting past midnight to address the board, Ambres said, "You need to keep in mind, this meeting is for the board to conduct its business, we do this meeting in the public, but it's not the public's meeting."

12News has learned that the FBI has been interviewing several BISD employees as part of the investigation.

During the meeting, Chargois did address the 85 recommendations made by the Legislative Budget Board's Report on the district.

He said that 46 to 50 percent of the recommendations have been implemented, including setting up operating guidelines for the board.

Also, Trustee Zenobia Bush said the board should get an internal audit that reports directly to the board of trustees, with no fear of reprisal from administrators.


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