Baby Olivia's family seeks to change procedures on forceps

Olivia Coat's grandmother Angie says they are seeking to bring awareness of the use of forceps to expecting mothers everywhere.

ORANGE - It's been over two weeks since the verdict came down in the Baby Olivia trial. Dr. George Backardjiev was found guilty of negligence for using forceps during Olivia Coats' delivery.

Angie Coats, Olivia's grandmother says they want to ensure expecting mothers don't experience a similar tragedy. "This is the next step in the grieving process for us," Coats said.

Coats says progress was made after meeting with Congressman Brian Babin's staff this morning.

Angie Coats and Matt Ortego, who will be a member of the board of directors for the "Olivia Coats Foundation" tell us they want to make sure expecting mothers know the risks of forceps before a baby's delivery.

A petition has been posted to gather support. Angie Coats says they plan to host local events through this non-profit organization. She says the goal is to change FDA guidelines so doctors must disclose risks of using forceps before a baby's delivery.

Matt Ortego says Dr. Backardjiev's lack of care should be a warning sign to all doctors.

"His negligence unfortunately is what caused us to have to grieve this, and it's something we won't ever get over. And we're never not going to stop fighting it," Ortego said.

Angie Coats says the plan is to see change as quickly as possible.

"Our plans at this very moment are to start, actually, with the FDA to change the guidelines of the use of forceps rather than the law, we were told that might be a better way to start actually getting something moving right now," Coats said.

Coats says they will establish the non-profit organization soon.

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