B.I.S.D. trustee frustrated with verbal attacks, lashes back

A cell phone video shows Paula and Jimmy Herrington escorted to their car after a shouting match with Beaumont Independent School District Trustee Mike Neil.  The pair would later file a police report against Neil for cursing at them. 

"It's not professional and not needed but I'm not going to let someone just sling mud at me," Neil said. 

A flyer Herrington passed around at Thursday's board meeting calls Neil an evil man.  It includes photos of his altercation with Communications Director Jessie Haynes last year, and photos of Neil flipping off Harrington during public comments on January 16.

"I can't respond to them verbally so I just responded in sign language," Neil said. 

Neil says he is standing up against constant attacks by the Herrington's even after apologizing to the couple before. But it's not going over well with some taxpayers. 

"This particular board member has shown that he is not capable of conducting himself in a cordial manner. And he has done this more than one time," David Pete said. 

Neil says he is done apologizing the Herringtons 

"Some people think being an elected official, you become a pinata. And you're supposed to sit up there and take it. I don't do that. Was it smart to flip him off? no." Neil said. 

Neil faces a Class C misdemeanor charge and says he will take responsibility for his actions if charged. 



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