Armed Texans say they're heading to the border to deter illegal immigration

"So it's pretty disgusting that our own citizens--Texans haven't stepped up to patrol their own border."

That disgust has sparked action in Derek Poe. The owner of Golden Triangle Tactical in Beaumont is forming a volunteer group that Poe says will go to the border to act as a "force multiplier."

"We can't detain [illegal immigrants]... we'll just call it in to the border patrol, have the border patrol come and pick them up."

Poe says the militia will serve as a deterrent as they work on private property.

"Usually though, 9 times out of 10... If [illegal immigrants] see other guys on the opposite side of the fence, they're not going to cross."

Those who join the group will get a plate carrier, night vision goggles and an AR-15. But the group isn't open to everyone. Poe says there are membership requirements.

"If they want to join this, come in do the application, so we can run a background check, everything else on it, and then we'll set up for an interview process and then we'll start the training," he explained.

Some aren't sure it's a good idea. Dozens of Southeast Texans commented on the KBMT 12 facebook page. Many followers expressed concern for the groups' safety.

Mary said, "While I appreciate the thought...Please don't do this! I am really concerned with your safety. Don't ...just don't. I admire your bravery but still I wouldn't advise this."

Heather said, "Not a good idea. The Mexican mafia is bad right now over there; be very careful."

A spokesperson with the Texas Department of Public Safety has said that even though state troopers are combating crime at the border, immigration enforcement is up to the federal government. The statement from Tom Vinger went on to say:

"Militias are not working in concert with nor are they deployed with DPS. Any actions by these militias are independent of any law enforcement operations."


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