An "Out of this World" discovery in Buna

The buzz brewing in Buna lately has been over debris said to be from a Chinese rocket that has literally plunged from the sky.

12News reported Monday on a similar object found in a Jasper county field believed to be a part of a rocket. Another piece of debris was discovered in a pasture off FM 1004. Dean Gentz says he found it on February 28th

A friend Gentz used X-ray technology to determine the debris was made of Titanium.

Through research and contact with experts in Houston he found that the object was likely a pressurized tank that once held gas or helium used to propel a rocket into space. Those experts contacted NASA.

"Yes that's what it looks like but it probably isn't. It shows things we would expect to see and other things we'd expect not to see," Gentz said. 

Gentz says he won't speculate the debris is from the Country of China until there is solid proof showing that. 

He says he is keeping the object in a safe place and isn't sure what he will do with it but he's considering donating it to a museum if it isn't worth anything.



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