American Idol finalist Kree Harrison returns home in grand fashion

It was Kree Mania in Woodville Saturday morning.

Hundreds, if not thousands, lined the streets of downtown Woodville to wave their signs and cheer on Kree Harrison. American Idol finalist, and Woodville native.

Shouts of "We love Kree!" could be heard every few seconds.

But before the special homecoming parade began, a crowd of adoring fans greeted Kree at Woodville United Methodist Church. Kree gave hug after hug to old friends and family members.

"I've felt the love of Woodville my whole life," Kree said at a Q&A session at the church. "And actually being here and getting to thank all of y'all for it, it's amazing and I thank you so much, I really do from the bottom of my heart."

"It's just so much better having her home, having her spend the night where you are," said Kree's grandmother Beverly Mire.

Kree showed everyone she has a sense of humor.

"Are y'all going to the parade?" she asked the packed room. The room erupted with cheers. "I'll be there," she joked, which made the room erupt in laughter.

At the parade, the outpour of support could rival that of any big city.

Kree rode down Highway 190 waving and greeting her hometown fans, taking it all in.

Knowing her visit home would be a short one, Kree had a promise for everyone who came out to show their love.

"I'm going to hug as many of you as I possibly can before I leave."

Kree visited the Tyler County rodeo following the parade, and performed to a sold out crowd at Ford Park later Saturday evening.



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