Advice for back-to-school shoppers

It's that time again, as summer vacation comes to an end back-to-school shopping begins.

Pens, pencils, backpacks and new clothes, time to make a list and start checking off the things your kids need before heading back to school.

"I don't buy anything at full price if I absolutely don't have to," said back-to-school shopper Keagan Miller.

As many moms and dads are just starting to shop for school necessities Miller began her shopping weeks ago.

"I been hitting the sales and just picking up little things here and there," she said. "That way I'm not waiting until the last minute to get them anything."

Miller tries to stick to the sale section because like many parents she isn't shopping for only one child.

A study done by the National Retail Federation expects parents will spend about $83 million on new clothes, electronics and supplies, making back-to-school shopping the second biggest consumer-spending event for retailers next to the winter holidays.

"We like to call it a trial run for Christmas," said Cal Jones, an executive team leader at Target.

Retailers are aware of the numbers and are stocking the shelves with the items that sell the quickest.

"Kinder-mats, markers, the uniform is something you definitely want to get in here and get early, lunch kits very important," said Jones.

Jones with target recommends to look at different ads for coupons and deals.

"Really, really great deals you can get what you need at a lower prices are lower," he said.

"I clearance shop. I check all the clearance racks and check all the clearance prices before I get to the register," said Miller.

If you haven't started already, to stretch you dollar further before you head out to the stores check online for the sales, buy in bulk and reuse what you have from last year.

Retailers say back-to-school shopping begins to boom between the middle of July and up to the Texas Tax Free weekend on august 17th through the 19th.

If you're interested in crossing state lines to snag some deals the Louisiana Sales Tax Holiday is this weekend.


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