63-year-old woman chases would-be-thief; on mission to get him in jail

Courtesy KHOU

by Drew Karedes / KHOU 11 News

HOUSTON -- A 63-year-old woman in northeast Houston isn't waiting for police to find the man who she says tried to steal from her. Instead, she's determined to track him down herself and teach him a lesson.

Patricia Henderson came face to face with the stranger outside her home on Shady Drive back on June 25.

She saw him heading toward her backyard with her trash bin as she pulled into her driveway.

"I said why are you here?," recalled Patricia Henderson. "I said, I can shoot you, and I can kill you right now."
Henderson says the man who identified himself as Scott kept apologizing but didn't explain himself.

Her gut told her to follow him in her car after he left her house.
She took a photo of him with her cell phone.

"Something told me, you need to document this," said Henderson.

"I said, where are you going? He said, I'm going home to see my momma. I said, you need to go there and stay there because someone is going to kill you!"

Henderson returned home to find her entire central air conditioning unit torn apart in the backyard.

The senior citizen believes the man had dismantled it and was planning on hauling it away with her trash bin.

"That's the lowest person on earth. He won't go out and get him a job. He'd rather prey on some woman," said Henderson. "This needs to stop, and it's going to stop one way or the other."

Henderson paid $3500 on a replacement A/C unit and had it enclosed in a thick metal cage.

She spent several nights in a hotel waiting for it to be installed.
"That house was about 200 degrees. I was not going to have heatstroke in that house behind some foolishness," explained Henderson.

Henderson is back home and ready to fight back.

She showed KHOU one of her three guns. She says she is now packing heat at all times.

"These will tear your tail up," she said.

Henderson refuses to become a victim again.

She's been hitting the streets daily and posting the man's photo at bus stops, gas stations and washaterias.

The retiree says she gave police the photo on the day it happened and wonders why officers haven't found him yet.

"[They said] this is the guy they've been looking for because he's been doing this to everybody in the neighborhood," said Henderson.

Henderson is determined to find him herself, and she's already receiving a number of leads.

"People have told me, yeah I know him. He washes dishes over here. He stays across the track here," added Henderson. "He's going to be stopped. Just call me Columbo."


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