4/11/2014 Box Office preview

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Raphael Seth

Kevin costner is known for his roles in sports movies like "bull durham" and "tin cup."

but now that the actor is 59, he's been kicked off the "field of dreams" for the front office. He plays a football executive in his latest film...who's out to show he's still got game.

Costner looks to score big in "Draft Day." This film takes a look at the bloodsport played in NFL  front offices - scouting for the annual draft.  Costner is a fictitious Cleveland executive trying to make the Browns respectable again. But his wheeling and dealing goes against the wishes of his high-profile owner and nagging coach. "draft day" is rated PG-13. 

Birds of a feather vacation together in "Rio 2."  This follow-up to the 2011 hit finds a new crew of blue macaws discovered deep in the Amazon jungle.  So city birds voiced by Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway fly south to find their long lost relatives. There, they run into a wild assortment of characters including an old flame and a cockatoo with bad intentions. "Rio 2" is rated PG. 

Traumatized kids go antique hunting in "Oculus." Siblings Tim and Kaylie are trying to clear their names after the younger brother was blamed for the murder of their parents years ago. But the kids blame the tragedy on a mirror with supernatural powers, and soon find themselves reliving the nightmare all over again. "Oculus" is rated R.

Nicolas Cage plays the family feud in "Joe." He's an ex-con trying to turn over a new leaf. But when "Mud" star Tye Sheridan starts showing up to work with bruises from his abusive father, Cage comes unhinged. He swears to protect the hard-luck kid..even if it means going back to jail. "Joe" is rated R.


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