BISD attorney says plans are underway for further legal opposition to TEA takeover

Beaumont Independent School District Officials seeking to block a Texas Education Agency takeover of the district were handed a setback Friday when a judge issued an order denying a temporary injunction which would have stopped the TEA takeover.

An attorney for the district has indicated that the legal battleground is still quite active.

BISD officials requested a dual-purpose record review that would have prevented the TEA from lowering district's accreditation status and also stop the TEA takeover, all in one move.  But a district court judge ruled that the two issues had to be considered separately, and the matter of the accreditation status should be decided first.

The accreditation status record review was held June 6. BISD lost and its status was lowered.

Before the district moved forward with the second record review which would block the takeover, the district sought a temporary injunction as a second way to stop the takeover.  This is what was denied by the judge on Friday.

Shortly after the judge made his decision denying the temporary injunction, Attorney Chris Tritico told 12News that although it is not yet known if the district will appeal the judge's decision on the temporary injunction, plans are being made to move forward with the second record review, which claims Commissioner Michael Williams overstepped his authority when he decided to remove the board of trustees and appoint a board of managers.  The date for the second record review has not yet been set.

Tritico said school board members will meet in executive session Monday to discuss a possible appeal of Friday's ruling.


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