Oil spill cleanup continues after rig bursts

An oil spill in Tyler county left a lot of neighbors concerned about their property last night.

The spill happened after an oil rig burst early Monday morning because of high pressure, shooting gas and oil into the air for nearly 12 hours.

"So far the company has been very responsible. And they have brought in all kinds of resources," said Tyler County Emergency Management Coordinator Dale Freeman.

That company is BBX LLC. It's the oil and gas company that owns the well that had its bolts blow out during equipment installation.

Ensign was drilling.

Oil from the spill flowed into nearby creeks like the Pamplin Creek, a tributary of the Neches River

At the cleanup site...2 different booms were placed by crews to contain the oil that was spilled.The large orange booms contain the oil and the smaller white ones absorb it.

The Pamplin Creek runs right through a resident's property.

"I use it to water my cows!" said Tyler County resident Hubert Jones.

Emergency crews tell us a mile of the creek has been inundated with oil.

"They have trucks going in there and pulling that oil off to keep it from overflowing into the creek," said Freeman.

Nearly 8 tanker trucks pulled out oil from the creek, more than 2000 gallons of it. Jones said he wants it out of his property ASAP.

"Well I just hope they clean it up! And they say they are going to," he said.

Emergency management says it could take months to completely clean up the creek.


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