Houston man's bad day caught on Google Maps

HOUSTON - A Houston man suddenly found himself a trending topic.

He was having a bad day — then his embarrassing moment was caught on camera.

About two months ago, he was cleaning keg lines at a bar when cleaning solution got all over the front of his pants — so he decided to step outside in the heat to let his pants dry.

And less than a minute later, a Google Maps car just happened to be driving down the street, right in front of him.

The man says he only had seconds to decide what to do.

“Split-second decisions was, ‘Do I go back inside real quick? Or do I stand here and be immortalized on Google Maps, maybe, looking like I peed myself?’ So I decided to stand there and hold my ground, ended up on Google Maps,” Joshua Justice, manager of the Flying Saucer, said.

This actually happened two months ago, but it was just this week when the new images appeared online. You can check out the images simply by looking up “Capitol at Main” on Google Maps.


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