The Port Arthur Independent School District assessed damaged to its facilities Saturday, concluding the administrative building sustained the most damage.

"There are some leaks and water intrusion from underneath doors," PAISD Superintendent Dr. Mark Porterie said in a statement. "Adams Elementary received about 2-3 inches of water."

Luckily, the district said the flooding did not reach the sheet rock. And, the Memorial High School building did not flood.

The district said it wanted to make sure staff had time to settle in before students were allowed to return. As of Saturday evening, the district estimated it would be roughly three weeks before students returned to school -- if not sooner.

Dr. Porterie said district employees were paid their regular checks on Aug. 31 and would continue to receive payroll checks as normal.

"Our email server will be up and running soon and communication will be clearer," Dr. Porterie said. "Continue to be safe. We are strong and this challenge will make PAISD much better."