Hurricane Irma destroying everything in its way in South Florida. Construction cranes in Downtown Miami were seen bent and dangling damaged by Irma’s winds.

“This morning is when we started getting the worse of the storm. I mean right now it’s still raining and its windy but I think around 8 or 9 a.m. is when we started feeling it the most.” Said Yesenia Puentes.

12News spoke to Puentes over the phone on Sunday following Irma’s arrival in Miami.

Those who couldn’t sleep took cell phone video from their homes of the nasty conditions brought on by Irma.

Thousands were left without power since Saturday night.

“I have two friends that actually live within two to three blocks away from me. They don’t have power, my next door neighbor across the street doesn’t have power.” Andy Aramburo said.

Aramburo’s home was one of the few left with power in Miami and described the conditions during Irma’s landfall.

“I only slept one hour, the winds were howling and it was hard to relax know that the tornado warnings were out.” He explained.

Ana Jiron, who lives in West Miami-Dade, sent 12News a video of a massive tree falling just feet away from her home.

Streets in South Florida are filled with downed powerlines and other debris.

More than 3.3 million homes and businesses in Florida have lost power so far due to Irma.