Despite waiting to see if Harvey's track will bring it out of way, the people in Bridge City are not taking any chances, homeowners are preparing ahead of the chance of flooding.

"This is not our first go around with hurricanes living in this area," says Joey Burnaman.

Keeping calm before the storm, thousands of people prepare just in case Southeast, Texas gets a taste of Harvey.

The people in Bridge City are already seeing water over the roads and seeing such floods, it's a reminder of past storms.

"Flooding is a big concern, water can't get out so it's going to be pretty dangerous," Burnaman says.

Learning from the past, Ike's storm surge flooded the homes of almost 9,000 people in Bridge City.

"They had 5 1/2 foot of water in homes, it was pretty bad," Burnaman says.

But despite the intense weather, there's a ray of light, volunteers help each other out putting in place defenses against any high water.

"It was very painful seeing people struggling so that's why I'm here loading bags for the community," says Raymond Wise, who has made over 100 sand bags to donate.

He says he's determined to stay joyful despite the possibility of the storm, ready to defy it.

"It's a good feeling to help the community, for those that are handicapped, you can come get sand bags or have someone get them for you," Wise says.