The City of Beaumont will be distributing water along with a limited supply of MRE meals and bags of ice at two locations in Beaumont as well as delivering water to homebound elderly and disabled residents.

During the distribution, which starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 7 p.m. at both locations, each vehicle will receive bottled water and, while supplies last, will also receive a box of MREs and a bag of ice according to a release from the City of Beaumont.

The distribution points are...

  • Babe Zaharias Memorial Stadium , 2445 Concord Road
  • Ozen High School, 3443 Fannett Road

The city requests drivers do the following at each location to help make things run more efficiently...

  1. Drivers- Put down your cell phone. We need your full attention to be on following the instructions of personnel.
  2. Roll down your drivers side window so you can hear instructions from personnel.
  3. Supplies will be given from the passenger side of the vehicle so, either roll down passenger windows or pop your trunk.

Water Assistance for Homebound elderly and disabled residents

The City of Beaumont Municipal Transit System is partnering with Nutrition and Services for Seniors to provide water to homebound elderly and disabled citizens that have no assistance or means to pick up water.

Call (409) 892-4455 to arrange for water delivery.

From the City of Beaumont...

We are working to establish additional P.O.D.s and will publish a press release with updated information when it is available.

Please follow the Beaumont Police Facebook Page and Beaumont Fire Rescue Facebook Page for additional information.

Remember, we are Texas Strong and we will get through this. Take a deep breath, have compassion for others, be of help when possible and please be patient with those who are working long hours in the heat to distribute these supplies to our citizens in need!