Southeast Texans are keeping a close eye on the tropics and so is Beaumont’s emergency management coordinator, Sgt. Mike Custer.

“We are monitoring all of our weather sources. We participate in conference calls with the State Operations Center, the National Weather Service, and National Hurricane Center.” Said Custer.

Custer explained hurricane season preparation is a year around process in order to have certain safety measures set in place in case of a disaster.

“There are criteria’s are set in place when we make a determination the severity of the storm, the estimated time of impact, a bunch of factors come into play to make those types of decisions.” He said.

When it comes to refineries and plants, Custer says their storm preparation plan is similar to the City of Beaumont.

“They have a counterpart to emergency preparations in each facility and they have their criteria. The same readiness level and they are monitoring just like we are.” Custer explained.

Emergency officials also want to make sure people are prepared with hurricane supplies such as flashlights, batteries, weather radios, and water.

“It’s always a good idea to prepare beforehand better than when you’re in danger.” Said Josh Dickinson from M&D Supply.

12News reached out to the Red Cross on Monday, their spokesperson said they are monitoring the weather closely and are preparing their emergency response vehicles ahead of the storm.