As Hurricane Irma continues to threaten South Florida, thousands have already evacuated ahead of the storm.

The category 5 hurricane is already affecting 12News reporter Ezzy Castro’s family in Miami.

Her family evacuated on Thursday and headed to Tampa. “We were really concerned to be stuck in the turnpike and running out of gas.” Said Evelyn Castro.

The Castros are not the only ones leaving their home. Major Florida highways like the Turnpike and I75 looked like parking lots due to heavy traffic.

Another problem people are dealing with just days before Irma’s arrival, no fuel in some gas stations.

“The gas lines are incredible. A lot of gas stations are out of gas and I think the worse part has been that there are not generators like in places like Home Depot or plywood.” Said Evelyn.

Ezzy’s brother and sister-in-law remember Hurricane Andrew back in 1992, also a deadly category 5 storm.

“We are really scared that this is going to be catastrophic, probably worse than Andrew. I think I’m not alone in this, I think a lot of people have the same fear.” She said.

Now it’s about preparing for the worst and hoping for the best not just for the Castro’s but for those who call South Florida home and have decided to ride out Irma.

“We are more prepared because we have our house that’s shuttered. But it’s the intensity of this storm that we decided to bunker up the house and head north.” Said Alex Castro.

Irma is expected to make landfall in South Florida Saturday night.