Hurricane Harvey left thousands of vehicles destroyed or damaged across Texas. According to a USA Today article, Harvey is estimated to have damaged nearly one million cars across the Texas Gulf Coast.

Wreckers like Brian Trahan, a driver for Kyle’s Towing & Recovery, are waiting for water to recede to recover dozens of vehicles.

"Depending on the how deep the water is, you can flood out wrecker trucks too," Trahan said.

Kyle’s Towing is one of many companies that the Beaumont Police Department calls when they need vehicles picked up.

Officer Carol Riley says car owners can call local police dispatch to find out where their vehicle is.

“They can tell you which wrecker company was on the rotation and was able to tow your vehicle,” Officer Riley said.

“If your vehicle sunk in a canal or drifted off somewhere and is in water we can't get to, [Jefferson County] Drainage District Six and those places are busy now and it may take a while to get to them," Officer Riley continued.

Trahan believes several companies will be pulling cars off the road.

“A lot of people are waiting for shops to open and I even think we're going to be busy tomorrow,” Trahan said.

If your vehicle was abandoned, you can call Beaumont Police Department dispatch at (409) 880-3865 or the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office dispatch at (409) 835-8411.