At 16-years-old, a West Brook High School student is doing all that he can to help those who lost everything to the flooding waters of Harvey, Vignesh Chennupati has raised more than 10 thousand dollars.

"I've seen all these hurricanes before but I didn't do much to help," Vignesh says.

"I see all these tragedies, and It made me feel bad since I wasn't affected as much," he says.

While watching a heartbreak on tv, that quickly turned into action.

"The next day he came up to me and said he wish he could do something," says his mother Jyothi Chennupati.

"He's one of those kids who is always looking to do an activity, or he'd get bored," Jyothi explains, so he used that "Boredom" to help fundraise.

"I was amazed I didn't think I was going to go past $1,000," Vignesh explains.

By making phone calls and knocking on doors, his hope was to make it easier for those who lost their livelihood to the floodings.

"He saw people getting rescued on boats and said he wanted to help them all," his mother explains.

He has now raised over 10 thousand dollars all by generous donations.

"I hope it helps them get back on their feet," Vignes says.

The money he raised will be going to the Salvation Army, he says it's humbling to see the generosity in people that are willing to help out.