An effort is underway to make the men and women who work on your powerlines first responders. Many have worked around the clock restore power after Harvey. A petition has surfaced calling for linemen to be first responders.

"If someone is doing me a service, I’m going to respect them and recognize them,” said Peggy Norton, a Vidor resident.

According to Entergy, 192,000 out of their 430,000 customers lost power as a result of Harvey, in which all have been restored.

"We know the importance of getting the electricity back,” said Vernon Pierce, the Vice-President for Customer Service. “It helps businesses get back open and helps people get back in their homes.”

The petition that has been signed by over 40,000 would ask Congress for a bill to give linemen first responder status.

"Whether it be linemen, policemen, our medical community, they need to be recognized for the role they play and how they help our lives,” said Norton.

Senate Resolution 95 has already been passed which created "National Lineman's Appreciation Day" on April 18th. You can sign the petition by going to this link here: