Thanks to a food truck, the business that flooded out after Harvey is now serving your favorite dishes daily in a location just behind the familiar building off SH 105.

Martha Vautrot and her husband Louis define resilience. "In 1994 I fed everybody, I just tried to do what I could, so when my friend called I was so glad because people need something to get together," said Martha.

Vautrot's has been in business for 24 years, and during that time span, the restaurant has been destroyed by disaster five times. As Louis explained, "We had the flood of 94 the year after we opened up, hurricane Rita in 2005, Ike in 2008, and then we had the fire in 2009. This is the first thing in seven years so we're doing pretty good."

It's that attitude, along with a food truck and a ton of water, drove family owned business to reopen. It's makeshift, but the food tastes as good as always. "And with the love of everybody in Bevil Oaks, and throughout Southeast Texas, we're going to make this because we are Texans. We can take ourselves and shake ourselves off," said Martha.

You can help the Vautrots by making a contribution to their Go Fund Me page or stopping by and eating every day! They hope to reopen the restaurant by February 2018.

They are definitely #409Strong