Congested highways left drivers across southeast Texas frustrated Monday. But, by the evening, roads were beginning to reopen -- just in time for work and some schools to resume.

Earlier Monday, hundreds of cars inched down Highway 73 in Groves, as drivers tried to make it out of Beaumont and head towards Bridge City. The route, which is typically a 30 minute drive, took more than two hours -- after floodwaters forced the closure of the Rainbow Bridge leaving Veterans Memorial Bridge as the only option.

Frustrated drivers pulled into side parking lots hoping for a Plan B. Truck drivers struggled to start and stop their 18 wheelers abruptly. Others ran into a jammed intersection trying to use the access road to escape highway traffic.

But across town -- a change in pace.

I-10 from Beaumont to Vidor reopened Monday with traffic flowing freely -- after being closed for some time.
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